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Troy Touch

Moon Face Incense Burner

Moon Face Incense Burner

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From the artist: Our Moon Face incense holder is designed by Trojan artists and 100% handmade. The Moon incense burner is made from real rare stone powders with the traditional cast stone technic. The incense holder is made from rare stone dusts and it is a high-quality product. A glossy acrylic varnish has been applied to the stone to give it a wet look. Real raw beech wood is used for the base of the incense holder and the wood is shaped by hand carving.

Please note: Our products are hand-made. There may be minor superficial differences because of the nature of handmade. For example, the texture and colour of the figures may slightly change. The light used in the photo shoot may make the colour of the product slightly different. Therefore, the colour of the product to be sent may be a little dark or a little light. 

Diameter for moon figure: 9.5 cm / 3.7 inch

Diameter for wood tray: 11 cm / 4.2 inch

Handmade by Troy Touch in Canakkale, Turkey.

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